Why should you keep your expectations low in an online poker game?



You must have heard about the multi-million dollar no-limit online poker wins. It is very natural to get tempted by such figures and online poker platforms highlight these wins very smartly to build high expectations among players. Professional players understand the intricacy of the game and play smart to fish new players who come in hope to win big. If you want to be a winner, in the long run, you have to keep your expectations low and realistic.


Poker is a game of high risk and rewards with the best case winning-average of a little over 50%, meaning you are always at equal risk of losing even at the last hand of the game. No matter how great you are at poker, you are always at the risk of losing your hard earning savings. At the end of the day, nothing but profitability matters. Your bottom line should remain net positive to enjoy poker online.

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How Much One Can Earn?


Frankly, it is tough to answer as it depends on several factors like the type of game you play, the risk you are ready to take and most importantly your gaming skills and playing strategy. Let us try to understand the overall earning from the example of a professional poker layer Daniel Negreanu. He played a total of 51 tournaments in the year 2013 to accrue a $944,126 profit with an average of $166,300 per tournament. Confused? Yes, the overall profit is impressive, but the point in the case is he managed to cash in only 11 out of the 51 tournaments.


Daniel spent a total of $898,080 on buy-ins and he was on losing streak until the 13th game. No matter how big you are, you will have to face the reality of the uncertainty of the poker. Of course, this is what makes it interesting.


Why Should Keep Expectation Low?


  • Online Poker Rigged? 


The online poker platform looks perfect on a winning spree and imperfection creeps-in the moment you start losing money. The problem isn’t the system, but the natural human mindset. We always look for a subject to blame, just to gratify the urge to defeat the system. An unfortunate reality of this game is that you are winning only because the majority of the players are losing and the same happens to you in the opposite case. So, keep on playing with realistic winning ration expectations. You simply cannot will all the time; all you can do is cut your losses to remain in the game.


  • Randomness of Uncertainty 


Uncertainty is the only certainty in online poker. No matter what you try, you simply cannot outsmart the card randomness, at least not within the limits of game ethics. The idea of poker is centered on the uncertainty of randomness in card draw. The rule is simple, online poker isn’t about the best hand, but relatively better hand. To be a winner you need to have a better hand and exploit the weakness of opponents. Keep your expectations aligned with the reality of the uncertainty involved in the game.


  • Volume vs. Frequency 


As against the best-case scenario of 30 hands per hour in live poker, online poker gives the option to play more than double the hands. So, it is a classical volume vs. frequency issue. Your winning depends on how much hands you can handle in online poker.


  • Identity Immaterial  


Your best possible calculation to decode the Random Number Generators (RNG) system used in card distribution won’t help much. Thankfully, this is a very robust system and doesn’t value the identity of the player. Online poker platforms earn money through buy-ins. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose; they charge a fee or commission irrespective of your identity. If you see some good players winning regularly, that is simply because he picks the right table to maximize is winning.


  • Emotional Exploitation 


Your emotion is in your control, and you simply cannot expect it from your opponent to not manipulate it for their advantages. It is open for all to use poker playing tricks to influence the betting and other related decisions. So, be realistic here as your co-players will go to any extent to exploit your emotional weakness.


Frankly, online poker is a game of fun and fund, and you should keep your expectations in check in both cases. It all depends on you how you read the game using your skills and play. Of course, everyone wants to win big, but that comes with an extra dose of risk. Play smart to win big in the long term!



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